-+ Sellyourmobile.com.au has told me that my mobile phone is blocked or stolen, what can I do?

-+ What on earth is an IMEI number?

-+ How can I be paid?

-+ I am not sure what the model of my mobile phone/device is?

-+ My mobile phone/device has $0.00 value, can I still recycle it?

-+ I’ve sent the wrong mobile phone/device, how do I correct it?

-+ My mobile phone/device is damaged can I still send it in?

-+ The mobile phone/device I was going to sell has changed price, will you give me the old price?

-+ How do I sell my mobile phone/device?

-+ How do I register so that I can sell my mobile phone/device?

-+ How many mobile phones/devices can I sell?

-+ My mobile phone/device is not listed on the website?

-+ My mobile phone/device is blocked, can I still send it?

-+ How do I cancel a sale?

iOS7 And Activation Lock Queries

-+ What is iOS7 / Activation Lock?

-+ Why do I need to remove my iCloud account?

-+ What if my device is faulty or broken?

-+ What happens if I don’t remove my iCloud account?

-+ How can I check I have iOS7?

-+ I’ve already sent you my device and not removed my iCloud account

-+ How do I find my Apple ID?

Sending Queries:

-+ How do I get a sales pack?

-+ How many mobile phones/devices can I include in one freepost envelope?

-+ How should I package my mobile phone?

-+ What do I need to include when sending my mobile phone/device?

-+ Do I have to send accessories in with my mobile phone/device?

-+ Do I pay postage when I send my mobile phone/device?

-+ How should I package my device?

-+ What shall I NOT include with my mobile phone/device?

-+ I sent my mobile phone/device by freepost, has it arrived yet?

Payment Queries:

-+ What are the payment options?

-+ Can I change my payment option?

-+ I’ve not been paid for all the mobile phones/devices I sent?

-+ Have I been paid yet?

Account Queries:

-+ How do I change my contact details?

-+ I can’t log in?

-+ I’ve forgotten all of my log in details, how can I retrieve them?

-+ How do I change my password?

-+ I’ve forgotten my password, how can I retrieve it?

-+ Why do you want my identification?

-+ How do I send my ID?

-+ What forms of ID do I need to send?

-+ I haven’t got a photocopier, can I take a photo of my ID?

-+ Will my identification details be shared?

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